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 Choose a natural precious gem from our vast collection to make your next cherished moment a precious moment. For those with a discerning style and taste, Mark Allen Jewelry will custom design and manufacture that one of a kind piece of Jewelry for that one of a kind person. 

 Jadeite Jade

Show your sophistication and classy style with our large selection of rare jadeite jade, also known as Chinese jade. This beautiful elegant gem has been treasured and highly sought after for thousands of years and now its available to you. Let Mark Allen Jewelry design and manufacture that one of a kind piece for that one of a kind person.

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Jewelry Design Concierge Service

Make your wedding a true fashion statement with Mark Allen Jewelry Concierges. Nothing says style, class and taste like our Jewelry Concierge Design Service and Manufacturing. When you know style you show style.

Fine Jewelry design and Manufacturing

Nothing says love like our custom design and custom made fine wedding fashions. Don't buy off the shelf when you can design that one of a kind piece, for that one of a kind person. Contact Mark Allen Jewelry today and get started with your new life.

Custom design and manufacture your next piece of jewelry at Mark Allen Jewelry - quality assured.


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