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About Mark Allen Jewelry

         Custom Made.

Mark Allen Jewelry has earned a reputation around the world as a company that will go the extra mile to insure your custom design jewelry and personalized service will exceed your opulent expectation. We use the latest most up to date computer engineering software  to design and manufacture that perfect piece of jewelry. Contact us today to arrange your personalized visit.


Custom Made.

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Jewelry Design and Manufacturing.

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Jade Carving

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Exceeding Expectations

Mark Allen Jewelry used the newest high tech engineering design soft wear to design Jewelry.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Jadeite Jade also known as Chinese Jade has become one of the most valued jewelry products in the world. The highest quality jade in the world is found at the foothills of the Himalayas, in  Myanmar (Burma). Mark Allen Jewelry traveled to this region to secure a reliable source to bring this product to you This Jade is very rare and highly valued in China, not commonly seen in the USA. Mark Allen Jewelry will go the extra mile for their customers.


Committed to Quality

Mark Allen Jewelry only uses the highest quality gems and minerals from around the world. We pride ourself on our collection of rare and exotic gems. This collection was amassed over the last 40 years and consists of all shapes and sizes of Gems from the rarest to the no longer found.


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